Stroke – Skills for Health Certified

This online training course covers a wide range of topics relating to stroke within the healthcare industry, such as childhood stroke, F.A.S.T, and recovery from stroke. The course will take approximately one hour to complete, and at the end of the training there are a number of multiple choice questions based on the course content, which must be answered correctly to pass the course.

Train Healthcare are fully aligned with Skills For Health and have been awarded the Skills for Health ‘Quality Mark’ for our face to face and e-learning training courses.

Course Content:

What is Stroke?

Common Misconceptions

What is TIA?

Facts and Figures

Risk Factors

Signs and Symptoms





Childhood Stroke

Associated Disorders


Further Reading & Resources


Learning Outcomes:

That stroke can be preventable

That stroke can be treatable

What the symptoms of stroke are

What to do if they suspect a stroke

What the effects of stroke are


Online assessment