Dignity at Work

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Welcome to our Dignity at Work online Training. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of completion. The course duration is approximately 1 hour and will earn you 1 CPD point. You have 6 months from the date of purchase to finish this training.

This module covers various topics related to Dignity at Work online training module:

1. Introduction to Dignity at Work:
• Definition and importance of dignity in the workplace
• Legal obligations and policies related to dignity at work
• Impact of dignity on employee well-being and patient care

2. Understanding Bullying and Harassment:
• Differentiating between bullying and harassment
• Examples of bullying and harassment in the healthcare setting
• Effects of bullying and harassment on individuals and the workplace

3. Promoting a Dignity-Focused Culture:
• Creating a positive work environment that promotes dignity
• Recognizing and challenging disrespectful behavior
• Encouraging open communication and mutual respect

4. Reporting and Dealing with Incidents:
• Procedures for reporting incidents of bullying or harassment
• Confidentiality and protection for those reporting incidents
• Responsibilities of managers and supervisors in addressing complaints

5. Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution:
• Active listening skills and empathetic communication
• Managing conflict and resolving issues respectfully
• Mediation and support services available for resolving workplace conflicts

6. Supporting Dignity in Practice:
• Promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace
• Respecting boundaries and personal space
• Providing support for colleagues who have experienced bullying or harassment

7. Preventing Retaliation:
• Understanding the consequences of retaliation
• Encouraging a culture of reporting without fear of reprisal
• Procedures for handling retaliation complaints

8. Reviewing Policies and Procedures:
• Familiarizing with the organization's policies on dignity at work
• Understanding the disciplinary process for dealing with violations
• Identifying resources and support available for employees.

The learning outcomes are.

1. Understand the concept of dignity in the workplace and its importance in providing quality healthcare.
2. Recognize and differentiate between bullying and harassment behaviors in the healthcare setting.
3. Identify the impact of bullying and harassment on individuals, team dynamics, and patient care.
4. Comprehend the legal obligations and policies related to dignity at work in the healthcare industry.
5. Develop skills to promote a culture of dignity, respect, and inclusion in the workplace.
6. Learn effective communication techniques to foster positive relationships and prevent conflicts.
7. Understand the procedures for reporting incidents of bullying or harassment and the support available.
8. Acquire knowledge on how to handle and address complaints of bullying or harassment.
9. Understand the consequences of retaliation and the importance of creating a safe reporting environment.
10. Review organizational policies and procedures related to dignity at work and disciplinary actions.
11. Identify resources and support services available for employees who have experienced bullying or harassment.

We hope you find this module informative and beneficial for your professional development in Dignity at Work Online Training module.

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Of these 35 hours (35 Nursing CPD Points), a minimum of 20 hours (20 Nursing CPD Points), should be dedicated to participatory learning, which involves engaging in activities that facilitate interaction with other professionals.