Oral Healthcare Online training

Cost: £5.00+VAT

Welcome to our Oral Healthcare online Training. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of completion. The course duration is approximately 1 hour and will earn you 1 CPD point. You have 6 months from the date of purchase to finish this training.

This module covers various topics related to Oral Healthcare online training module:

1.Oral diseases and their causes
2.Healthy mouth
3.To keep the mouth healthy
4.Oral diseases and their causes
5.Tooth decay What is tooth decay
6.Dental treatment Dental
7.What causes gum disease
8.Smoking and oral health
9.Natural teeth
10.What type of toothpaste
12.Dry mouth
13.Care of dentures
14.Care of natural teeth
15.Oral health risk assessments
16.Oral care plan

The learning outcomes are:

1. Know how to keep the mouth healthy.
2. Know different oral diseases and their causes.
3. Procedure for all oral care
4. Know what causes gum disease
5. Oral care plan

We hope you find this module informative and beneficial for your professional development in Oral Healthcare online training module.

If you need more information about this course, please contact Train Healthcare directly at 0208 3266 704 or email
Please note that refunds are not available for online training purchases.

Nursing and Midwife Council's (CPD Points).

It is necessary to complete 35 hours (35 Nursing CPD Points) of relevant CPD within the three-year period since your last registration renewal or since joining the register.
Of these 35 hours (35 Nursing CPD Points), a minimum of 20 hours (20 Nursing CPD Points), should be dedicated to participatory learning, which involves engaging in activities that facilitate interaction with other professionals.