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Welcome to our Stroke online Training. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of completion. The course duration is approximately 1 hour and will earn you 1 CPD point. You have 6 months from the date of purchase to finish this training.

This module covers various topics related to Stroke online training module:

1. Introduction to Stroke:
• Definition and types of stroke (ischemic, hemorrhagic, transient ischemic attack)
• Epidemiology and prevalence of stroke in the UK
• Risk factors for stroke (modifiable and non-modifiable)
• Signs and symptoms of stroke

2. Stroke Assessment and Diagnosis:
• Overview of the FAST (Face, Arms, Speech, Time) assessment tool
• Importance of timely recognition and response to stroke symptoms
• Diagnostic tests and imaging techniques used in stroke diagnosis
• Role of healthcare professionals in the assessment process

3. Acute Management of Stroke:
• Emergency management and immediate actions for stroke patients
• Thrombolysis and other acute treatments for ischemic stroke
• Blood pressure management in stroke patients
• Importance of early rehabilitation and multidisciplinary care

4. Stroke Prevention and Risk Reduction:
• Strategies for primary and secondary stroke prevention
• Management of modifiable risk factors (e.g., hypertension, diabetes, atrial fibrillation)
• Medications used for stroke prevention (e.g., antiplatelets, anticoagulants)

5. Long-term Management and Rehabilitation:
• Post-stroke rehabilitation goals and interventions
• Physical, occupational, and speech therapy for stroke survivors

6. Communication and Support:
• Effective communication with stroke patients and their families

7. Stroke Care in the UK:
• National Stroke Strategy and guidelines in the UK

The learning outcomes are:

1. Understanding of the different types of strokes and their prevalence in the UK.
2. Recognition of the signs and symptoms of stroke and the importance of timely response.
3. Knowledge of the assessment tools and diagnostic tests used in stroke diagnosis.
4. Familiarity with the acute management strategies for stroke patients, including emergency actions and thrombolysis.
5. Understanding of the modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors for stroke and strategies for prevention.
6. Knowledge of the long-term management and rehabilitation interventions for stroke survivors.
7. Ability to provide effective communication, empathy, and support to stroke patients and their families.
8. Familiarity with the national stroke guidelines and care pathways in the UK.
9. Awareness of quality improvement initiatives and best practices in stroke care.
10. Understanding of the importance of data collection and reporting requirements in stroke management.

We hope you find this module informative and beneficial for your professional development in Stroke online training module.

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Of these 35 hours (35 Nursing CPD Points), a minimum of 20 hours (20 Nursing CPD Points), should be dedicated to participatory learning, which involves engaging in activities that facilitate interaction with other professionals.