The Safe Handling & Administration of Medication

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Welcome to our The Safe Handling & Administration of Medication online Training. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of completion. The course duration is approximately 1 hour and will earn you 1 CPD point. You have 6 months from the date of purchase to finish this training.

This module covers various topics related to The Safe Handling & Administration of Medication online training module:

1. What is a medicine?
2. The Medicines Act
3. What is a Generic Medicine?
4. What is a Proprietary Medicine?
5. What is a Controlled Drug?
6. Controlled Drug Schedules
7. Preparing for Administration
8. Labelling
9. Prescriptions
10. Medicine Administration Record (MAR)/Drug Charts
11. Omissions
12. Correct Procedures
13. Infection Control
14. Hand Washing
15. PPE
16. Medicine Dispensing
17. Routes of Administration
18. PGD’s
19. Patients and Medication
20. Refusal of Medication
21. Administration Errors
22. Side Effects
23. EPSE
24. Wastage
25. Issues with MDS Systems
26. CD Registers & SOP’s
27. Injections
28. Rapid Tranquillisation
29. Syringe Drivers
30. Z Tracking
31. Storage
32. Warfarin Monitoring
33. IV Administrations
34. Delegation

The learning outcomes are:

1. Understand the legislation involved with medication administration
2. Be able to follow procedures set for safe administration of medication
3. Be able to describe some of the most common routes of administration
4. Correctly use a Medication Administration Record (Mar) Sheet & Drug Chart
5. Understand the importance of confidentiality and security in all procedures of drug administering
6. Have an awareness of the Supply, Storage and disposal of medication
7. Have an awareness of potential side effects of medication
8. Demonstrate an awareness of injection techniques and preparation.
9. Understand the importance of correct handling, storage and destruction of controlled drugs.
10. Have an understanding of the qualified nurse’s role in medication administration.
11. Understand the guidance in regards to delegation.
12. Understand the guidance in regards to good record keeping
13. Understand the guidance in relation to refusal, consent and omissions.
14. Consolidate knowledge in regards to best practice for medication administration.

We hope you find this module informative and beneficial for your professional development in The Safe Handling & Administration of Medication online training module.

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Nursing and Midwife Council's (CPD Points).

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Of these 35 hours (35 Nursing CPD Points), a minimum of 20 hours (20 Nursing CPD Points), should be dedicated to participatory learning, which involves engaging in activities that facilitate interaction with other professionals.