Duty of Care (Valid for the Care Cert) – Skills for Health Certified

This online training course covers a wide range of topics relating to duty of care within the healthcare industry, such as safe practice, individual patient rights and managing conflicts and dilemmas. The course will take approximately one hour to complete, and at the end of the training there are a number of multiple choice questions based on the course content, which must be answered correctly to pass the course.

Train Healthcare are fully aligned with Skills For Health and have been awarded the Skills for Health ‘Quality Mark’ for our face to face and e-learning training courses.

Course Content:

What is a Duty of Care

NMC Code of Practice

Consequences and Failures to meet a duty of care

Safe Practice

Managing conflicts and dilemmas

Individual Patient Rights

Mental Capacity Act 2005

Best Interests


Compliments & Complaints

Patient Advisory Liaison Service

What is an incident

What is an adverse event

Near misses

Serious Untoward Incidents


Bolam Test

Duty of Candour

Relevant Legalisation

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course candidates will:

Define what a duty of care is.

State what their responsibilities and accountabilities are in regards to their duty of care.

Have an understanding of the NMC new code of practice.

Understand the consequences of failing to meet their duty of care.

Understand how a duty of care aids safe legal practice and whilst acting in the best interests of their patient.

Have an awareness of the legal framework that underpins their duty of care.


Online assessment

Possible requirements include:

Workplace Assessment

Completion of Workbook