Handling Information & Information Governance (valid for the Care Cert) -Skills for Health Certified

This online training course covers a wide range of topics relating to handling information and information governance within the healthcare industry, such as what information governance is, how to comply with the law and understanding the Data Protection Act Principles. The course will take approximately one hour to complete, and at the end of the training there are a number of multiple choice questions based on the course content, which must be answered correctly to pass the course.

Train Healthcare are fully aligned with Skills For Health and have been awarded the Skills for Health ‘Quality Mark’ for our face to face and e-learning training courses.

Course Content:

Caldicott Guardian, Caldicott Principles and Guidance

What is a duty of confidence?

Vital Interests

Staffs Responsibilities

What is Personal Data?

What is sensitive data?

Handling of personal data

Person unidentifiable data

Corporate Data


Information as an assets

Data Protection Act

Data Subject Access Request

Freedom of Information Act 2000 and Exemptions


FOI and Breaches

When it goes wrong

When can you share?

It’s good to Share

Duty of Candour


Explicit Consent

Record Keeping

Care Provider Responsibilities


Security Measures

Mobile and working from home


Learning Outcomes:

Understand the principles of Information Governance

Understand how to provide a confidential services to patients and service users

Ensure and maintain effective record keeping in line with the legalisation and guidance.

Understand the foundation principles of data protection, confidentiality and the Caldicott Principles.

Understand the organisational responsibilities under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Understand how individually to apply and maintain information security.

Identify the difference between ‘personal information’ and ‘sensitive’ personal information.

Define what ‘confidentiality’ means, what information it applies to and how confidentiality is maintained.

State what ‘security’ means, how good security is planned and how it involves all employees.

Identifying and reporting confidentiality and security incidents and weaknesses to highlight issues and help organisations improve.