Lone Worker- Skills for Health Certified

This online training course covers a wide range of topics relating to lone worker within the healthcare industry, such as personal safety, home visits and Lone Working procedure. The course will take approximately one hour to complete, and at the end of the training there are a number of multiple choice questions based on the course content, which must be answered correctly to pass the course.

Train Healthcare are fully aligned with Skills For Health and have been awarded the Skills for Health ‘Quality Mark’ for our face to face and e-learning training courses.

Course Content:

Employers & Employees responsibilities for Lone Working

Who are Lone Workers?

Healthcare Lone Workers

Can People Legally Work Alone?

Risk, Hazards & Control Measures

Safe Working Arrangements

Monitoring & Supervision of Lone Workers

Emergency Situations

Lone Work Checklist – Staff and Managers

Suzy Lampugh Trust

Learning Outcomes:

The need for appropriate support to employees who have to work alone

How to identify, evaluate and manage the risk associated with lone working

How to conduct dynamic on the spot risk assessments

The procedures and safe systems of work into practice which are designed to eliminate or reduce the risks associated with lone working

How to take reasonable care of themselves and other people who may be affected by their actions.

That by following rules and procedures designed for safe working is essential.

The importance of reporting any dangers they identify or any concerns they might have in respect of lone working.


Online assessment