Manual Handling & Moving Practical Training – Skills for Health Certified

This face-to-face manual handling refresher course covers both the practical and theory-based elements of Manual Handling & Moving of People & Inanimate Objects. You will learn how to demonstrate safe moving and handling techniques, how to use a patient hoist and the principles of human movement.


Start Time: 9am

Finish Time: 1pm

Course Content

  • Spinal mechanics and function
  • Importance of back care and posture, risk factors for back pain
  • Current relevant legislation and professional guidelines where relevant
  • Safe management of inanimate loads
  • Handling strategies for clients with impaired mobility
  • Dealing with unpredictable occurrences
  • Use of equipment
  • Assessment of risks addressing: – tasks (including unexpected) – the limits of individuals capability (their own and that of others) – loads (both inanimate and human) – environment and the importance of good housekeeping
  • Importance of ergonomic approach
  • Principles of normal human movement and promotion of client independence
  • Problem solving


  • Moving client forward in a chair
  • Moving client back in a chair
  • Sitting to standing from chair
  • Sitting to standing from edge of bed
  • Standing to sitting on chair
  • Assisted walking
  • The falling patient
  • Turning in bed
  • Fitting and removing flat slide sheets
  • Fitting and removing tubular sheets
  • Sliding the supine client up/down the bed
  • Sliding the seated client up/down bed
  • Standing transfer bed to chair/chair to bed
  • Seated transfer from bed to chair/ chair to bed
  • Transfer from chair to chair/commode
  • Fitting a sling with client in bed
  • Fitting sling in bed using slide sheets
  • Fitting a sling with client in chair
  • Fitting sling in chair with slide sheets
  • Hoisting from bed to chair Hoisting from chair to bed
  • Hoisting client from floor
  • Use of stand-aid

Learning Outcomes

  • Define the term ‘Manual Handling’.
  • To raise awareness of the causative factors and types of musculoskeletal injuries (particularly back injuries), and how such an injury can affect the individual, the employer and society.
  • To provide basic information relating to prevention of musculoskeletal injuries.
  • To provide an awareness of current Health and Safety legislation which relates to manual handling and its implementation in the workplace.
  • To introduce the subject of ergonomics and risk assessment.
  • The importance of good communication in Safer Handling
  • Discuss unsafe practices and identify rationale behind these
  • To Demonstrate Safe Handling Techniques

This course is suitable for all individuals of all capabilities. Practical elements of the course can be adapted to meet the needs of those learners with a physical disability or stated pregnancy.

Manual handling refresher training can be delivered in the workplace as a bespoke course if the workplace has a suitable area for the training to be conducted.

Total moving and handling practical training duration including the on-line courses: Approx. 4.0 hours

Course outcomes meet the UK Core Skills and Training Framework guidelines.

Our certificates have a 100% success rate when submitted to all agencies, banks and trusts nationwide. This means that no matter where you submit your certificate, it will always be accepted.

All our trainers are fully qualified to deliver these courses to the Skills for Health standards and guidelines. Train Healthcare is fully aligned with Skills for Health and have been awarded the Skills for Health ‘Quality Mark’ for our face to face and e-learning training courses. This course is recommended for agency nurses.

Train Healthcare receives 4.5/5 stars in terms of positive feedback from candidates for both our online and face to face training.


If you require any more details on this course, please contact Train Healthcare directly on 0208 3266 704 or email

Refund Policy:

There is a no refund policy for candidates who do not attend booked face to face training or arriving late. If you miss your course, you are welcome to attend another course that is available but please note that you will have to pay the full amount. The trainer has the full right to refuse entry when candidates have missed key elements of the training so please plan your journey the day before. You can reschedule your training outside of 7 days before the training.